Monday, October 5, 2009

Ah jeez. Here I go again, acting like what I have to say will be funny, important or entertaing in any way. Ok, it will be. At least to me. I often describe myself as the second funniest person I know.

Second only to my husband, who makes me giggle about thirty thousand times a day.

But since I don't see him writing here, I will claim the nĂºmero UNO placeo, gracias.

So aside from that, I'm best described as a silly girl who blushes easily, giggles loudly, loves just about every person I meet as soon as I talk to them. Perfect is my default adjective, but I constantly say the following: aww, yay, awesome, for sure, sweet. I'm sure there are more, but my brain is currently half off, so we'll figure them out together at a later date!

My reasoning for this blog? I don't want to drive my husband or friends off the wall with my insanity, so this might be a nice place to share it, or at thevery least get it out of my (self-described pretty, happy, funny) little head!