Friday, August 30, 2013

Sleep Regression Suckage

Ahhh, the dreaded 18 month old sleep regression. 

It's been hitting us hard here for the past two weeks.  Part of me is happy that it's happening now before baby brother arrives, so I am not wrongly attributing it to jealousy. Knowing it's related to a normal developmental leap makes the total lack of sleep a bit easier to deal with, most nights at least!

It's really the most serious regression we've had to deal with yet, or at least it feels that way.   Bree and I bed shared until about 15 months, and between night nursing and sharing the same space, the others were barely noticeable.

At 15 months she decided she wanted her own space, and easily transitioned into her crib.  She goes to bed at 7:30 or 8:00, and she's to sleep until 7am or so.


Now we're up every hour, screaming our heads off.  I learned recently that this regression TYPICALLY lasts 2-6 weeks. 
Just in time to have a brand new, crying baby. 

Pretty sure I may just never sleep again.  I'm planning on picking up some
coral lipgloss and sweet shades so no one notices how tired I really am. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's possible I'm part elephant

It's really the only way to explain the fact that I've been pregnant forever and will continue to be for the rest of my life. 

Our son is stubborn, and I'm fairly certain that he's inside arms and legs sprawled out, clawing into my uterus for dear life. 

We are signing the c-section paperwork tomorrow, but still hopeful that I'll go into labor beforehand and that I will be able to have the VBAC I've dreamed of all pregnancy. 

Either way, in less than a week our son will be here!  Bree's gonna be a big sister!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh's been a while!

For obvious reasons (like having an active toddler, being 654 weeks pregnant and totally exhausted) I've been a total slacker for months.

<i>I'd like to nominate myself for the worst blogger ever award. 

If one doesn't exist, I'd like to request that someone create such an award and then award me with said award.

Because obviously I am far too lazy to create an award, and even if I did I'd forget to award myself with the award. I'd wake up one day and think "Wow, I suck at updating my blog. I should win the worst blogger ever award. Oh, yeah! I created that award! Wow, I suck at awarding fake awards to myself." </i>

Oh.  I already <a href="
"> previously wrote that exact same thing?</a> Opps.  

Why am I back now?

Self-preservation.  I am about to lose my mind. 

I've been experiencing this <strike>totally awesome</strike> thing known as prodromal labor.  I also hadn't heard of it, and I was pretty sure I knew most everything since I've been pregnant and/or nursing for like 60 years.  

Apparently I am one of the lucky women who gets to experience constant contractions, hard and close, that do nothing to move forward dilation (ok, just a few centimeters) and can stop at any time.  Different than both Braxton Hicks and false labor, they are a special beast all their own. 

<a href="">
This blog </a> explains it way better than I can right now.  I'm in a fog. 

Tonight is a full moon, so maybe baby boy is going to come out and play. 

But most likely not.  I'm pretty sure he's going to chill, and I'll still be pregnant for 60 more years!