Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I love, today at least...part deux.

1. Glee.

Perhaps you're like my husband, and now think less of me for being so obsessed with this show. If you could see me rocking out during Glee, you'd get it. I love Glee. I love the Glee soundtracks. I sing and dance along to Glee when I clean, when I drive, when I work. I love it so much I won't can't even pretend to be embarrassed by it.

2. Clean Towels.

Warm, fresh, good smelling fresh out of the dryer towels. After I put these away, I totally shut the bathroom door just to so the next time I walk in I get to smell the loveliness.

3. My iPhone 4. I just upgraded from the 3G, and it rocks! A camera with a flash? Yes, please!
It has a pink otter case. It's adorable, and I love it.

4. Flip Flops. Yay for my toes being able to breathe! Socks are my nemesis. I'm a weirdo who breaks out the flip flops the second the temperatures reach 50.

If I'm a novice crafter, then I'm an expert on flip flops. Wanna know what makes those flip flops great, aside from the price? Take a peek at the seaming on the part that goes between your toes. See how it runs front to back, not side to side? They'll be comfy, and there's no rubbing even if you wear them a lot.

What's not so great? Your feet will most likely be sliding all over if you slip into them after the pool, or if it's a super hot day and your feet get sweaty. (I'm just keeping it real, yo!)

5. Blog Contests. Since I'm new to blogging (I say that a lot, jeez!) I'm a bit blown away by all the fantastic contests to take part in and the generosity of bloggers and their sponsors. Prime example, the totally adorable Mandi at Vintage Revivals.

Perhaps you've seen her on a little television show called The Nate Berkus Show? Yeah? Thought so. She's super cute, and talented to boot! Right now she's hosting The Epic Giveaway, and the winner gets to have Mandi come to their house for a makeover. Are you kidding me?!! How awesome is that?

Perhaps you've seen Mandi on a little television show called The Nate Berkus Show? Yeah? I said that already? Yeah, I did...because she's awesome and I needed to repeat it just to remind you how lucky that winner will be.

Voting is going on now, and while I didn't enter Jill at Junky Vagabond did! Wander around, and look at her beyond-amazing projects. And now, take a look at Jill's blog for her office entry post in the contest.

You know you want to help her win that makeover! So vote for her now, entry 82, titled "I'm a blogger, not a gator" Did the title give you a gigglefit, too?

Someone call VH1 and let them know this girl had the Best Day Ever!

Is that show even on any more?

Today was pretty much perfect. Thursdays are my alone time days, the one day a week where I'm off from work and at home alone.

I typically fill up the day with loads of errands. Cleaning, food shopping, and running around all day. It's the day where every thing gets done. It's the day where I tackle projects that I make up for myself, like rearranging closets for no apparent reason other then my need to make something up to do to keep me busy all day. The day where I'll decide to make an elaborate dinner, well for me at least. (Lazy Novice applies to cooking too, in my life!)

Today was way too easy of a day. I had nothing to do. I straightened up and went to the food store to pick up dinner for tonight, and was home by noon. Dinner was in the crock pot fifteen minutes later.

And then I had all afternoon to do nothing! Storms were rolling through, and I didn't feel like leaving the house.

So I sat down here:

Right under that crooked fabric covered canvas, and right next to that crazy eyed dog.

I kicked on the DVR for a marathon date with Nate and Gen.

I finished my wreath.

I have no place for this wreath. I have no one to give this wreath to as a gift. I made it just to make it. I need a support group, for real.

I'm most likely the only person on the planet who didn't know this, but if I can spare just one person from the misery of googling the following, I will have done my job:

"Hanging Wreath By Ribbon" or "Use Ribbon to hang wreath" or "How does every awesome blogger on the planet hang their wreaths by ribbons without a wreath hanger, and how come there are no google results? I can't possibly be any clearer with my search terms, google. C'mon, help me here!"

Thumbtacks. That's the super secret.

I hung curtains so the landscapers wouldn't see me lounging in my yoga pants and lime green Alaska shirt.

I cleaned out my front door "Drop All" Basket, and put the photo of lovely Ms. Cleo in her fancy frame.

I pulled out my craft stash, and realized I am terrible at finishing projects. I have FOUR unfinished projects. Four.

I promised myself I will finish these projects.

I realized that most of them are way beyond my skill set.

I painted my nails.

I read blogs.

I ate my delicious dinner.

I wrote this blog.

I love today.

Today was a good day.

The wreath was the only project I finished this week! Linking up to Debbiedoos newbie party!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take a wild guess what I'm making...

It's round.

It has felt flowers.

It's the perfect door accessory.

It rhymes with teeth.

It starts with a W and ends with a REATH.

3 Babillion Awesome Points if you can figure out what it is before I finish it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

If you liked it, then you should have put a bird on it...

(Sorry to get "Single Ladies" stuck in your head, but it's been in mine all day and I'm a firm believer the only way to get it out of my head is to give it to another person!)

What is it with birds in blogland? One day we all woke up and just agreed that the way to make anything better is to put a bird on it? Where did it start? When will it end?

Hopefully not too soon, because I have two bird related projects in the works!

I used modge podge for the first time, and it was a success! I managed to not ruin what I was working with, although it was a little sticky (I'm weak, I can't resist a pun) for a bit, it dried just perfectly!

Curious why I finally got around to using Modge Podge?

Becca at Blue Cricket Design has a tutorial for Pretty Bird Wall Art. Have you seen it yet? It's one of the coolest projects ever!

I finished the book part, but have yet to tackle the drawing of the birds. I'm a wee bit freaked out that I'm going to mess up, so I'm putting it off until I have the time to really concentrate on it.

I had to get pictures printed, and had some leftover free prints so I had CVS print up the birds I'm planning on using as a template.

Adorable and totally free, since I had the other supplies on hand.

I was just "Ehhhh" about the frame and yarn before, but once I strung a piece across and clipped the birds on I was all "Aww!"

What do you think about blogland's current love of birds? Love it? Wish it would just go away? Have you done any projects that incorporate birds? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm linking up for the first time at Debbiedoo's Newbie Party! Come join us!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'd like to thank the academy...

As a new blogger, every single comment is a huge deal to me! I see an email saying there's a new comment and my heart just flutters. I get a huge smile, make a dolphin noise of excitement, and basically freak out that someone actually took the time to comment on something that lil' ole' me had to say. It's pretty awesome!

So imagine my excitement when I found an email from Jessica Lauren at Copy Cat Crafter:

Confession: Jessica Lauren posted a few of her projects on a linky party, and I commented on them without realizing I was on the same blog. I just got so inspired by her amazing creativity, after I clicked on the second one, I was like "Hold up, I already followed this blog!"

Click those links above, people. The lady has skills! Serious, amazing, creative skills, go be inspired and then come back here.

Thank you so, so much Jessica Lauren! I'm totally honored and super excited! You pretty much made my day, possibly my whole life!

The tasks from the award are to:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their site in your original post.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself.

  • Pass along the award to 6 newly discovered bloggers.

  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award.

1. I hate the sound of crickets. Seriously, more than anything else in my life, hate. It just gets stuck in my head and I can't think about anything else aside from that sound. I'm a bit nervous to put this on the internet for all to see, because I fear if I'm ever kidnapped or in charge of some important secret that will save the world my captors will know to torture me with the sound of crickets. Or maybe someday some cricket who I've offended will find this, and my house will be invaded by said cricket and all his cricket friends seeking revenge.

I'm only half kidding. I'm getting all creeped out and distracted right now, and there aren't any crickets! Ok, ok, moving on...

2. I use the following words far too frequently: absolutely, perfect, awesome, for sure, totally, adore. Way too often.

3. I'm really word-y and verbose when I type. I need a character limit installed in my brain. I know, you're totally shocked and couldn't tell, right?

4. I am insanely curious about other peoples lives. I want to know every thing about every one I meet within the first 10 minutes of knowing them. It blows my mind that I will never know what another persons life is like to live, their thoughts, relationships, experiences...I'll never get to live that, and hearing their story is as close as I'll ever get.

5. In turn, I am a chronic over-sharer. I think other people want to know as much about me as I want to know about them. Come to think of it, maybe that's part of my wordiness.

6. I'm married to my high school sweetheart. He's my favorite person on the planet, the funniest man I know, and I'm constantly in awe of his ability to make every person we meet love him. He's just totally amazing, and I'm thankful every day that I get to call him mine!

7. I'm a super happy person. If I'm feeling sad or upset or angry, I kick on a total tear-jerker of a movie, and let it all out. Works every time! I'm super quick to forgive, mostly because I forget insanely quickly why I was upset at someone. Combine those with a job I love, amazing people in my life, a ton of love and support and you've got the perfect equation for a super happy person.

I've found the following bloggers recently and started following them, hopefully they'll be just as excited and not think I am some crazy stalker blogger, since the first comment I leave some of them will be about this award. I'm not quite up on all this blog etiquette just yet, so I really hope this isn't too weird. I don't want to be exiled to the land of crazy bloggers.

Cookie Cutter Chic
I just love her picture frame clock, and there's an amazing tutorial!

Kari's painted stairs are one of my favorite things ever. Come on up!

Tales of a Trophy Wife
Check out her "Awesome Blossom" project and feel free to stock up on all those long sleeve shirts on clearance you know you were going to buy anyway.

The Coconut Life
Peep her bedroom and you'll hear the ocean. No shell to the ear, required.

Cheerful Heart Mom
Who turned a cereal box into a beautiful organizer for kitchen wraps.

Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
I adore her disc sunburst mirror. I'm also obsessed with her Anthro-inspired "Swooping Loops" bow earrings. So cute.

I also want to give a quick shout-out to Libby at A Perfectly Crazy Life who transformed a free curbside changing table into a piece that belongs in show rooms and magazines. I saw you were already tagged, but I just love your blog and gain so much inspiration, I had to include you!

Thanks to Jessica Lauren for thinking of me, and all of you in blogland for inspiring me!

(That's the dolphin noise!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things I, at least.

1. Pinterest.

After waiting for like sixteen thousand hours, I finally got my invite today. If you're reading this blog, I'm assuming you read other, way more awesome blogs, and already know about pinterest.
If you need an invite and don't want to wait three weeks for yours to arrive, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll send you one!

Even the amazing Mr. Berkus is talking about pinterest. Holla!

2. un homme/une femme vases from cb2.

Personally, I envision them hanging on my bathroom door sans flowers, so they're headless.

I'm a bit warped, don't hate.

3. Mountains and Salt Lake City, where my company corporate offices are located. I just returned from my first trip to UT, and it was amazing. Mountains make my heart feel whole. I grew up at the beach in NJ, but I'm a mountain lover by nature. I love my job and company, and even more-so now that I've seen the amazing setting.

4. Pretty Bird Wall Art via Becca at Blue Cricket Design. Seriously? Amazing. Canvas, newspaper, modge podge and some bird silhouettes?

Confession: I have never used modge podge. Does that make me like the worst lazy, novice crafter ever in the history of crafters?

5. My latest project, which I'll share as soon as I finish it! It involves a blue Ikea NYTTJA frame , leftover green yarn from my sister's yarn wreath, and a small dollar store wreath.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fancy Feast...for my eyes.

Meet Ms. Cleo, one of the furry loves of my life. She's fancy. Were she a person, she would attend fantastic gallery openings for obscure artists. She'd dine on caviar and canap├ęs. She would vacation in Seychelles, and Paris, and occasionally Athens. She'd have homes in Manhattan, and Beverly Hills. And Aspen, of course, because let's be real here, she looks ultra cute in snow gear. Her children would attend Blair Academy, and eventually Yale. They'd receive their MBA's from Harvard, because their father, Ms. Cleo's husband, is a legacy. Mr. Cleo's humor and good looks run deep, but his pockets are even deeper.

That's how fancy Ms. Cleo is.

Sadly for her, but luckily for me, she isn't a person. I'm not totally convinced she's aware of that fact, the way she prances around with her tail held high. She'll tell you when you can pet her, exactly how long you can continue to have the privilege of petting her, and bite the heck out of you when she is done. Thankyouveryverymuch.

So, you see, Ms. Cleo needs to have a fancy framed photo. There's no question that a standard frame just isn't fancy enough for her fancy face.


I wish I could give credit to the app I used for that photo, but it was so long ago I have no idea what it was! It was in the app store like a year ago, the whole purpose was to try on hairstyles.

Because I am insane not weird in any way, I decided to try hairstyles on my cat. Don't hate. I think I sent that photo to every member of my family. Ok, I totally did. It cracks me up!