Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have a blog? Oh, yeah...I have a blog.

I'd like to nominate myself for the worst blogger ever award.

If one doesn't exist, I'd like to request that someone create such an award and then award me with said award.

Because obviously I am far too lazy to create an award, and even if I did I'd forget to award myself with the award. I'd wake up one day and think "Wow, I suck at updating my blog. I should win the worst blogger ever award. Oh, yeah! I created that award! Wow, I suck at awarding fake awards to myself."

Crafting, eh? Yeah, barely. I remember when I used to have the energy for actual crafting. Now I get about halfway through a project and then forget about it. Or decide I don't feel like finishing it.

I'm totally lying. Mostly I get the idea, get the supplies, and then decide I don't feel like starting it. I've totally lost my crafting mojo.

Wanna see the only project I've even really started?

Don King, The Wreath

It was going to be a lovely tulle wreath like this one from Pattern Shmattern. Instead, I misjudged how much tulle it would take, and didn't want to go back out for more. So I just finished it off by wrapping some leftover yarn. I planned on getting a cute Halloween decoration for the middle and to call it done, but it's been like 3 weeks and I still haven't gotten one. I probably won't.


Random Baby Update:

We're having a baby girl! We weren't going to find out, but I'm really happy we did! We're incredibly excited.

Naming a human is hard! There are so many names. Almost too many names. I have no idea how anyone ever decides on a name! I've pretty much accosted every person I know who has ever had a child and asked how they decided.

Any advice blogland?