Saturday, January 21, 2012

I was born to do this

It's been less than a week since our beautiful baby girl, Little Miss Aubrey, entered the world. After a 68 hour labor, and nothing having gone according to "plan" we finally got to meet her.

I already can't imagine my life seven days ago. All the things I thought were important totally pale in comparison. Everything I need in the whole world fits right in my arm.

Even though we've only just met, there's something so familiar about her. It's like I've always known her.

I've always known I wanted a child. I knew that I had a lot of love to give. I just had no idea how badly I wanted her. She's everything I dreamed and more. She's exceeded every expectation I had about motherhood.

I am so grateful she chose us as her parents. I was born to be her mother.

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