Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Players: A tear stained Mom, An uber-cool Dad and one unscathed Baby

The Setting: A living room in a NYC apartment

The Scene:

Mom: Stands up from love seat to grab a taco off coffee table, taking one step away from love seat.

Dad: "Whoopsie"

Baby: Laying flat on her back on the floor

Mom: "What?" turning slowly to see baby, and realizes baby is not on the couch where she was last left.

Mom and Baby: "Waaaaaaaaah!"


Return to scene 5 minutes later, Mom is still sniffling and is cuddling her smiley happy baby.

Mom: "You were so calm. All you said was 'whoopsie'

Dad: "It was that or "Glad I'm not the first!"

Yeah, that totally just happened.

Aubrey is totally fine. Husband thinks I'm looney tunes since I cries louder, harder and longer than she did. I feel like the worst mother ever.

The space between the love seat and coffee table is like 12 inches. I stepped forward, not even away, like 6 inches forward and girlfriend manages to roll off the couch and onto the floor.


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