Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 26 of 26 Random Acts of Kindness

It took a little longer than 26 days, but we did it! And I have a good excuse!

After I blogged the second day, I realized it was taking away from what I felt the meaning was. It was like it was a thing to blog about, rather than honoring the memory of the Sandy Hook Victims.

So, rather than blogging each step, I thought I'd share a bit about what we did, but most importantly how it made me feel.

My absolute most favorite act was giving a homeless man a blanket that was on Aubrey's stroller. We went to volunteer at a school symposium event with our holistic moms group, and we walked past a homeless man sleeping in the corridor to a business that wasn't open yet. His feet were sticking out of his blanket and he had holes in his sneakers. We walked by, the. I turned around and placed the blanket on his feet.

Not gonna lie, I thought he might wake up and punch me thinking I was stealing from him, but he didn't stir. On our way back he was gone, but I did see his cart a few days later with the pink fuzzy blanket in it. It made me smile.

We also let people cut us in line, left quarters in a vending machine, donated art supplies to our community center, books to the library, clothing to goodwill and toys to a local daycare. We volunteered, gave up our subway seats, and left new gloves and a note saying "Free! Take me!" on the corners on a cold day.

I decided not to share these deeds with anyone, except Bree. Not even my husband, so I could just enjoy the simplicity and joy.

Every time we did a good deed, I felt awesome. I found myself smiling more, feeling less skeptical of kindness from strangers (how sad is that?!), more in tune with theolworld and energy around me, and overall happier.

That's the thing about giving of yourself, you always get back what you put into it and then some. For less than $10, some items we had that were collecting dust and time!

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