Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am whatever you say I am.

Alternate Title: Kids say the darndest things.

This isn't necessarily craft related, but it's creative, and it's my blog, so I'm posting it!

I found a treasure trove of awesome reports and paperwork from way back in high school. I am DYING of laughter at this gem, and I have to share it with you.

Did you ever have to write "I AM" poems? If you're not familiar, you can read more about them on Read, Write, Think.

It's pretty much plug and play poetry. The outline is there, you just fill in the blanks.

Here's my version from all the way back in 1996? Or 1997? I know it's before 1998 because that was the year I foresaw my fan club reaching 5000. =)

I have no idea what is all over it!

In case you can't read it, it says:

I am a silly girl who blushes easily.

I wonder how they fit all those clowns in those little clown cars.

I hear voices in my head.

I see my fan club reaching the 5,000 mark by 1998.

I want to be happy and successful in all that I do.

I am a silly girl who blushes easily.

I pretend that my poem is cool.

I feel confident in all that I do. Sort of.

I touch the ceiling when I giggle and laugh just like in Mary Poppins.

I worry about people that are unhappy.

I cry when I don't get what I want.

I am a silly girl who blushes easily.

I understand what goes up must come down.

I say everyone should have fun all the time.

I dream my dream will come true.

I try to be nice to everyone.

I hope to get an "A" on this poem.

I am a silly girl who blushes easily.

Can someone grab the flux capacitor, build a time machine and then let 15 year old-ish me know that in the future she still won't understand how they fit all those clowns in those little clown cars? And that I hope she was just kidding about hearing voices in her head? Because if not, those voices have taken over and she is just full on totally insane 15-ish years into the future? Thanks!

I love the line "I feel confident in all that I do. Sort of." Still totally resonates with me, all these years later.

Did any of you ever write an "I AM" poem? Want to write one now? Please?! I'll be your BFF for like, ever!

I doubt that I could do any better than 15 year old-ish me, but if any of you are willing to play, I'll play too!


  1. That is awesome! I love finding that stuff!

  2. Too cute! You make me want to find my old gems :) And because you are the bomb, here is my I AM poem:

    I am optimistic and thoughtful
    I wonder why I live in a cold state
    I hear Witchie-Poo's voice when I'm mad
    I see ghosts
    I want to win the lottery
    I am optimistic and thoughtful

    I pretend I have it all together
    I feel the hugs of ancestors
    I touch a fairy's wings
    I worry about fanaticism
    I cry when I see Humane Society commercials
    I am optimistic and thoughtful

    I understand my husband's love for me
    I say money doesn't buy happiness, but you don't want to live without it
    I dream of making the world a better place
    I try everything
    I hope my child is happy
    I am optimistic and thoughtful

    That was kind of fun! C'mon people - take 5 minutes and play along!

    Jill @ JunkyVagabond

  3. I remember making a poem about a butterfly when I was 121 and that's pretty much it about my poetic career :)


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