Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kill it with fire.

Coffee filters are my new arch nemesis. Not that I had actually had an old arch nemesis. So I guess it'd be more correct to say coffee filters are both my first and my current arch nemesis.

I have no idea why I have such a hard time with them! Here, in all it's lopsided, laughably ludicrous loveliness, is my latest attempt:

Don't be jealous of my mad skills, yo.

There's no other option. It must die. Or go live in the garbage can with my last attempt at coffee filter projects.

It's outrageously terrible. It's the ugliest thing ever. It's beyond awful. It makes me giggle.

Just so that image isn't burned in your head, he's something I made that won't make you cry:

I'm having much better luck with books, so I think I'm going to to try to follow Lindsay's awesome tutorial for her book page wreath.

Another wreath? I need a support group!


  1. Oh my. Does this cure your coffee filter obsession? LOL!

    Loving the bird pic - I've been collecting dictionaries so I can do something like this - but it seems somehow wrong to rip them up...I imagine a librarian somewhere feeling a knife in the chest as I rip out pages.

  2. Haha! I love it! They look so simple to make, but I've tried and mine have turned out quite similar! Also, those cute tissue paper pompoms everyone is making that are suppose to be super easy...I can't make those either!

    The bird/book page looks great! That wreath tutorial is super cute; hope yours turns out the same!

  3. hahaha, this post is so funny! At least you attempted the wreath...I keep thinking about making a "summer" wreath for the front door but haven't gotten past the 'thinking about it' stage!

  4. I know how you feel about the coffee filters! I tried to make a lampshade with them and it came out crooked and gross!


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