Friday, November 16, 2012

Circle of Life.

Just got the call from my Dad that my Pop Pop passed away this morning.
He had asbestosis and was suffering at the end.

We were super close growing up, we lived in the same house and I spent much of my time with my Nanny and him.

It was kind of like having John Wayne for a grandfather as a kid, he was a race car driver. How bad ass is that?!!

He married my grandmother when he was 18 and she was 16. They met at school and he used to dip her pig tails in the inkwells. How adorable is that?!!

They went on to have 6 children, 4 surviving. The family that I know and love, they created.

He worked hard, building a successful business and a name we could all be proud to share.

He loved us, wanted nothing but the best for us all. He was incredibly special to me.

Pete and I married on his birthday. He told my Nanny I was pregnant before I even knew. He predicted Aubrey would be born on January 17, even though her due date was in February and I was sure I'd go late. He was off by 9 minutes! Aubrey gave him her first wave and her first word, Pop Pop. They have the same eyes, and they'd light up whenever they'd see each other.

When I left last week I knew when he looked in my eyes and said goodbye that it really was.

I'm sad for my Nanny and family, but comforted knowing that he's finally comfortable and that he'll be Aubrey's guardian angel.

I know he'll be looking over us, taking care of us as he always has.

We love you, Pop Pop. May you rest peacefully.

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