Friday, November 2, 2012

Good deeds.

Growing up, my mom would always ask my sister and me about our "good deed of the day." She instilled in us that it was important to do at least one good deed every single day. Most of the time they were small; "I played with the lonely kid at recess" or "I helped the old lady load her groceries" or even "I waited and held the door for all the people." It was more about taking the time to think of others than the actual act itself.

That's absolutely something I want to bring to Bree's life. I think it's important.

Recently another mom said I was generous. I immediately thought my Mom would be proud.

Tomorrow Aubrey will be doing her first volunteering stint. She'll be in the carrier while we collect and sort donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We'll get to hang out with some of the
Holistic Moms Network
ladies, help our neighbors and do our good deed of the day.

We packed up our donations tonight. We've got sneakers, blankets, hair ties and bows, diapers, new teethers and rattles, and a ton of clothes. We're gonna look a little crazy getting there though!

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