Friday, September 20, 2013

And this is crazy...

Holy carp.  I survived my first week alone as a SAHM to two. 

It was both easier and harder than I ever thought it could or would be. 

Bree is a big helper. Cleaning, vacuuming, changing brother.  She also lets me know if I'm spending too much time with him.  Rather, she'll let him know with an attempted smack. 


It's a balancing act for sure.  I've made sure to spend lots of special cuddle time with her, but it's so hard. 

She's been throwing more tantrums than usual. She's also almost two, so it makes sense developmentally. 

Tandem nursing is weird. I think it's been our biggest source of jealousy thus far.  I know it's best for her, but honestly I'm not sure if I would do it again. Yet. That may change.  I hope it will. 

Little Man is awesome. Good sleeper, got eater. Maker of the best grumpy old man faces ever.  He loves being worn.  He's just an all around cool dude. 

I feel badly he's not getting all the snuggles and attention she did as a baby, but I guess most seconds don't. 

I'm just excited for Pete to be home this weekend. I'm tired.  

Happy, too. 

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