Monday, September 2, 2013

D-Day...I mean B-Day!

Looks like my comfy little boy isn't going to allow me to attempt my VBAC or even a TOLAC after all. 

We're scheduled for a repeat c-section tomorrow morning. I've made peace with  it, and at this point I'm just ready to meet this little man who will complete our family!

I'm excited to see Bree become a big sister.  She is the center of my whole world, and I can't imagine how our dynamic will change. I just know she is such a silly and loving girl, and she will make an awesome big sister!

I'm excited to watch my husband fall in love with his son.  I'm excited to fall in love with my husband all over again watching him parent our children. 

I'm excited to smell the new baby smell and hear the newborn cry.  To snuggle with my big girl and new little man.  To learn all about him and his likes and dislikes. To become an even better mama to a little creature who depends on me. 

Life is good. 

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