Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The New Man in My Life

You read that right!  There's a new man in my life and I am in LOVE!  He's good looking and a total beast.

Luckily my husband is totally cool with him, too.  Is that weird?

I'm talking about my amazeballs double stroller, the Bob Revolution SE Duallie.  Weighing in at just 34 pounds, it's everything I wanted in a stroller and then some.  

        Choose orange, navy or black

The front swivel wheel locks into place for safety when running, and it pushes like a dream whether it's locked or unlocked.  It feels super light, and it's easily controlled with one hand when running (and walking, obviously!)

The shocks are super awesome, and something I didn't even know I wanted in a stroller.  Both kids are super comfy and barely even move on bumpy roads or off-roading.  We pretty much ruled the pumpkin farm this year!

With an additional adapter I'm able to use it with Nathan's Britax B-Safe car seat.  The Britax specific adapter utilizes Britax's Click and Go system, so it literally clicks and snaps onto the adapter.  There's an additional safety strap that buckles across the child for added security , but it's still really stable and secure without it. (By all means, use it though!)

          Yes, he is in 'jams. Shhhh.

The adapter (sold separately) has a tray on Aubrey's side that has a really deep cup holder. It's seriously deep, the cup won't fall out unless it's thrown by a toddler whose favorite game is "Make Mama Fetch," in which case, buy a sippy leash. Trust me, it'll improve your quality of life, quickly and a lot. 

          Cup retrivial not included

So let's get into the meat and potatoes. The "Is This The Right Stroller For Me?" questions that I had before making the final decision.  (Picking a stroller is hard y'all!) 

Is the stroller big?

It's a double stroller, it's big. BOB, literally Beast of Burden, doesn't try to hide it.  

Ok, but is it too big?

Nope.  I had a near panic attack when we first put it together (super easily btw) when I saw how wide it was.  We lived in a little apartment at the time, and I was certain it wouldn't fit through the doors. It didn't look like it would, but it did.

And it's fit through every door everywhere else too. Stores are no problem!  

    Huge canopies with large window

Is it heavy?

It's not light, but it's not super super heavy.  I mean, again, it's a double stroller.  We can't expect it to be light, can we?  I can pick it up and throw it in the back of our car with no problem!

Will it fit in my trunk?

I drive a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0, and honestly, the trunk space isn't much more than it was in our old Sonata.  It's an SUV, yes, but it's not a ton of room.

     Remove wheels for more space

We were able to pack two suit cases, a pack and play, a rock and play and a bag of toys along with the stroller for a recent trip.

Is it easy to fold?

Yes!  Remove the red safety strap from along the lower bar, pull the red rip cord and it folds down.  Pull back and the whole stroller will tip back to you.  Attach the buckle located on the wrist strap to the bottom buckle and it's secure and ready to be carried or stored. 

Pro tip:  Flip the stroller when putting it in your trunk so the wheels are up and avoid unnecessary clean ups!

Is it worth the money though?

Yes!  Yes! Yes!  Let me say it again, yes!  Yes!

It's not cheap, but it's also not cheaply made. The canvas fabric is thick. The shocks are awesome. The wheels are large. The foot brake is easy to operate and metal.  The seats are padded, have pockets, include lumbar support and even have padding on the sides where kids rest their heads when sleeping. 

     Padded sides = comfy toddler

For us, it has replaced three singles.  It's our every day use stroller, our jogger and our "good" stroller for longer outings.

And most people I know have multiple strollers, so it's not that expensive when you start adding them all up!

We all seriously love our BOB! I was thinking of calling TLC to let them know about our love affair and My Strange Addiction, but then I realized it's not strange at all. There are a ton of rabid BOB fans all over the globe!

Word of caution though, you will be stopped and asked about the stroller all the time.  It's a good looking stroller and people want to know all about it.  I'm not kidding. 

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