Saturday, February 14, 2015

I choo-choo-choose you!

It's funny the weird pop culture references that stick with you.  I'm pretty sure my breakdown is like 96% cartoons from the 90's, 3% songs from the early 2000's and 1% comedy bits that no one else remembers.  

Moving on, far away from the weirdness of my brain...

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!  

We had a lazy, fun day.  We made breakfast, hung out with my parents, came home and made taco salad for dinner.  It was a perfectly lovely day with my loves.  

Bree was so excited to eat candy, that she actually turned down seaweed snax. 
I asked, "Wait, Bree.  What's your favorite food?"

"Seaweed!  But NOT on Valentine's Day!"

Righto, kiddo.  Trust me, I'd down candy all day long if it was healthy.  We'll see tomorrow how this all works out for me.  The last time she had this much sugar she told me "These cupcakes make me want to be bad!"  She obviously has some ability to recognize how things make her feel, but she's 3.  She's a baby!

Since I knew they'd get tons of candy, I made them some special treats.  

...Which I'm totally sure they'd appreciate way more if they could, you know, read.

Try as I might, I lack the Pinterest gene. I saw this adorable idea to put temporary tattoos on bananas.  It sounded easy, but I'm really awesome at messing things up. It's a skill, really.  

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