Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lazy, Snow Day

Sunday's are usually action packed for the kids and me.  We go to the gym, go food shopping, and have fun "adventures" while we're shopping. 

Today we were adding in a trip to the outlets so I could get new sneakers. 

Twice now I have driven to the gym, looked down as we were getting out of the car and realized I had on my uggs. My super smart husband said, "Hey, why don't you buy a pair and leave them in the car?"  To which I replied, "By golly, that's a super swell idea!"  or something equally as dumb because my brain was short circuiting at the idea that was so simple but would solve my issue, that I couldn't think.  He's obviously the brains of this operation. 

Imagine my surprise when I woke up and found four inches of snow that I wasn't even aware we were going to receive. Instead, I stayed home and played with the kids all day.  We stayed in our PJs, watched movies and had a blast.  

Aside from unwrapping some Applegate Farms ham and slapping it on a plate with some raw veggies and berries and calling I lunch, I did nothing after 10am.  I even forgot about dinner. 
Never occurred to me to take anything out.  

Luckily, this family is easy.  They know I'm lazy, but they still love me.  It's probably because I'm pretty awesome at making silly faces and reading stories. 

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