Saturday, February 19, 2011


That was my poor attempt at word play. Don't judge, at least not yet.

I am a huge fan of asymmetrical gallery walls. My inspiration file must have 50+ images, and until we moved into the new place a month or so ago I had absolutely no place for one. That means that I overlooked so many images I liked, and only saved ones that I loved.

The previous place in Boston was nice, but had an awkward living room layout with windows on two walls, so there was no place for a gallery wall. In this place, there's a ton of wall space in the living room to fill.

It's almost too much space! I have mirrors and artwork from the old place that fit perfectly, but just feel wrong. So I turned to the inspiration files, and realized that this was my chance to finally do it.

So I gathered the frames I did have and tried to figure out the layout.

It took me about fifty tries, and at least 100 pictures to finally figure out this layout.

My brain just does not do asymmetrical.

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  1. I'm always paralyzed when it comes to curtains and hanging stuff on the walls. Did this ever go on a wall, or are you just going to leave me hanging? (LOL!)

    Jill at JunkyVagabond


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