Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm now crafting on an elementary school level.

I started a few short months ago on a pre-school level. No lie.

It all started with a wreath, some leaves from the dollar store and a totally false and misguided belief that I could copy all of the beautiful fall wreaths floating around blogland.

I was so proud. Oh so proud!

I may have even posted pictures on facebook. Ok, I totally posted pictures on facebook. Yes, plural. Pictures.

With captions. Like "Look at what I did!" "Yay, I made it!" or "How cute is this?"

What was I thinking?! I realized shortly after that it was pretty terrible. My next project wasn't much better.

Yes, I did think that I could "copy" the wrapped burlap wreaths that some of my favorite bloggers were doing. Except, I didn't have burlap. Or the skill required. That's a tablecloth. Luckily I still have a few left so I don't want to cry thinking about how I wasted a tablecloth with such amazing texture on such an ugly wreath.

Check out those "flowers" wouldya? Pretty sweet, right?
Behold my crafting genius! This one warranted a few pictures and a
brief caption synopsis on facebook. You know, just in case any one wanted to make this lovely, lopsided, laughably ludicrous disaster for themselves.

Fast forward to the yarn wreath tutorials that were big a few months ago. I started to take my time (two hours of wrapping yarn will do that to you) and realized that it wasn't about how quickly I could finish a project, but about the quality. Who knew? I mean, beside every.single.other.person.on.the.entire.planet?

I was travelling back and forth between Boston and LI while I was waiting to move down here, and had time to kill on the ferry. I made a ton of these wreaths for friends, family and co-workers.

I was starting to find my stride.

That green monsta is for my amazing and super-crafty and talented sister. She loves bright colors, and requested a green one.

Once she saw that I wasn't terrible any more, of course. (Did I also mention she's smart?)

Then I realized I never made a yarn wreath for myself! Enter my latest, and dare I say greatest, wreath yet to date. Seriously this time, though.

(Kinda funny mine is monochromatic, and my sister's is so colorful!)

So that's the story of how I learned to follow directions, be patient, laugh at myself and that it's fun to share with others. Kinda like a real preschooler.

The day I learn to craft like a middle schooler, watch out, because I might be so excited I'll kiss you.

All of you.

(I'm only saying that because no one is reading this!)

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