Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Vegan Experiment

Remember when I said I could never give up dairy or cheese? I lied.

This pregnancy has me going insane with the things that I just can't stomach. Chicken? Heck no! Milk? I'm sick within minutes. Cheese? Only cheese sticks. Fish? No way, man.

It's like my body is rejecting animal foods for the most part. I chalked it up to morning sickness, but I'm into the second trimester, the sickness is gone, but the aversion remains.

So I started doing research. I found I had some pretty harsh misconceptions about veganism, especially during pregnancy and toddlerhood.

I found a lot of delicious sounding recipes. Things we already love.

It didn't seem like it would be a stretch to try it out. So we are conducting a one week vegan experiment.

7 days. 21 vegan meals. 7 new dinners. 3 family members who need to approve.

Last night was night one. I made these super easy and yummy Black Bean Burger Tacos.

Pete approved. Bree approved. I approved. Night one was a success.

We'll see how this goes. Maybe we'll love it. Maybe we'll hate it.

At the very least we'll be helping out Mother Nature, our bodies, and some farm animals.

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