Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifting Thursday.

This morning started out early with a surprise trip to the vet for my adorable dog, Ms. Phoenix. Someone who will not be named, and who may or may not be writing this blog at this very moment, may or may not have sat on her and injured her leg. But it's all good, she's now running around like nothing ever happened.

So needless to say, I got a late start on Thrift Store Thursday!

I took a trip to what I've decided is the world's most expensive thrift store. Someone there is totally on point with design trends, so anything that's hot right now is also more expensive. Well, expensive in thrift store terms at least. No .99 brass candlesticks that need a coat of spray paint. No $5 gaudy frames. No $15 cane chairs just begging to be recovered. Those items are there, but you're going to pay more for them.

Here are some of my favorite finds from today:

This has been in the store since the first week I moved here. I like to think of these pieces as the Pretty, Pretty Princess of dining room furniture. This is real. Someone really has/had this in their home. I have to meet the person who owns/owned this furniture.

In the frame section, I found these guys who made me giggle. Yes, those are 3-D tin pressed clowns, you're not seeing things.

Once I saw this guy, I got a little sad. He's a foot tall ceramic bust, who also happens to be a clown. This made me sad because, apparently, some time in the last week a small car pulled into the parking lot, fifteen clowns came climbing out along with their clown gear that they no longer needed...and I missed it. That's totally sad!

This cutie pie mirror was tucked under some items and I dug it out. It's just plastic, so it's lightweight, but it looked beaten and weathered. Decent price, too.

I have no need for a hutch, but if I did I would absolutely want this one. The $198 price tag is for both pieces, and it looked to be in great shape. I loved that there's no glass in the upper cabinet/hutch piece. It was so good I had to take a close up!

I did pick up two things for our home. First a small rug for $2, I'm not sure if it's better in the kitchen or laundry area. It was impossible to photograph! Up close looks blown out, and back far it looks like a green blob. So blown out, it is:

And I did find a drum shade that I think will work wonderfully in the living room. It was half off on the item's color today, so I paid $2.50 for this bad boy. I've got plans for it, and can't wait to get to work!

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