Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming Soon: To a Trash Can Near You!

Yikes. I was so tempted to just quit about ten minutes into this project. I totally under estimated how difficult this would be!

I realized that doing this in "sections" was making it lopsided, and at that point I couldn't correct it. Removing hot glue from paper and paper? Yeah. Not happening.

But, I did promise pictures.

It was totally free, so I didn't waste anything other than a few hours of time and a couple glue sticks. Yay for failure learning experiences!

And, now I get to pass on some helpful tips in case you're planning on making one for yourself:

(These first two were included in Nichole's original tutorial, but c'mon, I don't listen)

1. Plan on this taking a lot more time than you think. Patience, grasshopper.

2. This will be waaaaaaaaaaay bigger than you think. And heavier.

3. *Apply the filters in a circular motion around the paper lantern, starting at the top and working down. Don't just work in sections vertically, or you'll end up with something resembling my work, and we can agree that's not what you want. Right? Right!

4. The easiest way to attach the coffee filters and maintain a consistent look is to fold it in half, and then in half again, and then fold the bottom triangle piece up. Put the glue on the triangle piece and attach.

5. Be consistent with how far up you're folding for an even look.

6. Be sure to brag to me when your attempt is a success. Feel free to send me pictures and call me names. (Lopsided Lilly, perhaps? Super bonus points actually, because it totally makes me giggle.)

So lessons learned, and I'm now thinking I'll buy a drum shade for over the living room table. I was torn, but I'm glad I made the attempt and I won't constantly second guess that decision. I'm off from work tomorrow so maybe I'll hit up the thrift stores to see what I can score.

I'll post any awesome finds, and if not maybe share a project or two that I've been successful at!
Even a novice crafter like me can do things well sometimes!

*This was my super smart husband's tip. When I first started he recommended that I work my way around the top to figure out the spacing. Did I mention I don't listen? He was right, and I was wrong.

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  1. awwww, honey. Don't worry, this project tends to hold you hostage against your will. Believe me, eight hours in and I was only 1/3 of the way done. I wanted to scrap it, but, I'd already come all that way, and I'm too stubborn (stupid) to stop. Here are the true keys (for me anyway) 1. Keep the bottom flat so the glue can adhere to the filter evenly (will guard against uneven filters that will stick out.) 2. You must place them super close together. I even put some inside of others. If there is a space there should be a filter. Therefore it starts resembling ruffles. SUPER close. Of course that's how it took me 1200 filters, but, you know. I'm so glad you tried doesn't look too far gone...but, I'm not sure you are willing to lose anymore of your life to coffee filters. Good luck!


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