Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I love, today at least...part deux.

1. Glee.

Perhaps you're like my husband, and now think less of me for being so obsessed with this show. If you could see me rocking out during Glee, you'd get it. I love Glee. I love the Glee soundtracks. I sing and dance along to Glee when I clean, when I drive, when I work. I love it so much I won't can't even pretend to be embarrassed by it.

2. Clean Towels.

Warm, fresh, good smelling fresh out of the dryer towels. After I put these away, I totally shut the bathroom door just to so the next time I walk in I get to smell the loveliness.

3. My iPhone 4. I just upgraded from the 3G, and it rocks! A camera with a flash? Yes, please!
It has a pink otter case. It's adorable, and I love it.

4. Flip Flops. Yay for my toes being able to breathe! Socks are my nemesis. I'm a weirdo who breaks out the flip flops the second the temperatures reach 50.

If I'm a novice crafter, then I'm an expert on flip flops. Wanna know what makes those flip flops great, aside from the price? Take a peek at the seaming on the part that goes between your toes. See how it runs front to back, not side to side? They'll be comfy, and there's no rubbing even if you wear them a lot.

What's not so great? Your feet will most likely be sliding all over if you slip into them after the pool, or if it's a super hot day and your feet get sweaty. (I'm just keeping it real, yo!)

5. Blog Contests. Since I'm new to blogging (I say that a lot, jeez!) I'm a bit blown away by all the fantastic contests to take part in and the generosity of bloggers and their sponsors. Prime example, the totally adorable Mandi at Vintage Revivals.

Perhaps you've seen her on a little television show called The Nate Berkus Show? Yeah? Thought so. She's super cute, and talented to boot! Right now she's hosting The Epic Giveaway, and the winner gets to have Mandi come to their house for a makeover. Are you kidding me?!! How awesome is that?

Perhaps you've seen Mandi on a little television show called The Nate Berkus Show? Yeah? I said that already? Yeah, I did...because she's awesome and I needed to repeat it just to remind you how lucky that winner will be.

Voting is going on now, and while I didn't enter Jill at Junky Vagabond did! Wander around, and look at her beyond-amazing projects. And now, take a look at Jill's blog for her office entry post in the contest.

You know you want to help her win that makeover! So vote for her now, entry 82, titled "I'm a blogger, not a gator" Did the title give you a gigglefit, too?


  1. Aw, Michelle - thank you for the luv! It's so sweet of you to want to help me and put me in your blog post - you're awesome :)

    I would do my patented happy dance if I won this contest...Mandi would be a blast to work with...oooooo, I want to win so bad!


  2. I was browsing Debbiedoos linky party and the very first link I was drawn to and clicked was your blue upcyled frame! I was like "Jill is awesome!" so I had to give you a shout out here!


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