Friday, April 1, 2011

Fancy Feast...for my eyes.

Meet Ms. Cleo, one of the furry loves of my life. She's fancy. Were she a person, she would attend fantastic gallery openings for obscure artists. She'd dine on caviar and canap├ęs. She would vacation in Seychelles, and Paris, and occasionally Athens. She'd have homes in Manhattan, and Beverly Hills. And Aspen, of course, because let's be real here, she looks ultra cute in snow gear. Her children would attend Blair Academy, and eventually Yale. They'd receive their MBA's from Harvard, because their father, Ms. Cleo's husband, is a legacy. Mr. Cleo's humor and good looks run deep, but his pockets are even deeper.

That's how fancy Ms. Cleo is.

Sadly for her, but luckily for me, she isn't a person. I'm not totally convinced she's aware of that fact, the way she prances around with her tail held high. She'll tell you when you can pet her, exactly how long you can continue to have the privilege of petting her, and bite the heck out of you when she is done. Thankyouveryverymuch.

So, you see, Ms. Cleo needs to have a fancy framed photo. There's no question that a standard frame just isn't fancy enough for her fancy face.


I wish I could give credit to the app I used for that photo, but it was so long ago I have no idea what it was! It was in the app store like a year ago, the whole purpose was to try on hairstyles.

Because I am insane not weird in any way, I decided to try hairstyles on my cat. Don't hate. I think I sent that photo to every member of my family. Ok, I totally did. It cracks me up!

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