Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pardon the interruption, please.

I'll resume my regular nice persona in just a few minutes. Promise. I've just gotta get this out there before I explode.

Why must people make it so damn hard not to judge them?

Facebook Friend posts pictures of her "home cooked" meals. It's all processed garbage; instant potatoes, packaged gravy, hamburger helper. I haven't ever seen a real vegetable, canned or frozen or otherwise.

I don't really care if that's how you eat. But I'm sick and tired of her getting 10+ comments per nasty pic about how good that looks and her offering the recipe.

Bitch, it's on the box. Stop acting like you're the next food tv star, and make your kids a freaking vegetable.

/end rant

I'm still unable to run, and I'm really angry about that. Like, seriously angry. Why did I have to go walk down the hill I did? I could have walked down the other side, but nope, I didn't. It seems like a cruel joke that I would actually fall in love with a physical activity and then get injured!

I see that jogging stroller sitting in the play room and it just taunts me. So unfair.

But, I'll stop whining now!

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