Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 4 Day 3

Shhh. I cheated, don't tell.

After talking to an awesome running friend (also known as The Internet), I decided I could skip a week of C25k.
I know, I know...follow the program.
But, I also know myself and I knew I needed an actual challenge.

So I skipped forward a week. And it was a challenge!

I'm visiting my family in NJ this week, so I don't have my normal jogging stroller. I have an all terrain jogger here, or "hulking heaving huge heap of oh my gosh so heavy," as I called it yesterday. I took Bree down dirt roads, but she screamed and seemed uncomfortable, so I took her back to my sister so she could keep an eye on her for the rest of my run.

I absolutely got that challenge I was looking for. And then some!

And apparently, I'm halfway to 5k. Still looking for a race, though.

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