Saturday, August 18, 2012

City Living

My family is obsessed with Aubrey. They literally can not go into a store without buying her an outfit and a toy. It doesn't matter if the store sells clothes or toys, they'll find something.

Every time I visit, we come home with cute new outfits. After we came home from our visit last week, Aubrey and I were out and about. A lady complimented her shirt, and asked who made it.

I told her Carter's and she said "Huh, I haven't seen that one before."

Then it hit me...Carter's makes different lines for different big box stores, and this one is from Walmart.

We don't have Walmart in NYC. So in the city, clothes from Walmart are cool.(er than back in the country where I'm from!)

Tonight we're headed to Target, we're taking the car and everything. Back home heading to Target was an every other day thing. Bored? Go to Target. Looking for something? Go to Target. Need a gift? Go to Target.

Here it's a luxury. Sure it's easy enough to get to on the subway, but carrying the 13,927 bags one always leaves target with? Not so easy.

Taking the car means finding a parking spot when we return. That's a total pain. It takes planning.

I love Astoria, my neighborhood. I love that it's walkable. I love that there are people but not times square amount of people. I love that there are hundreds of stores, restaurants, produce stands and food stores.

I also love going "back home" to NJ, driving all over, shopping at big box stores and not being constantly surrounded by people. I love that there's no honking, I hate the dark and thoughts of wild animals lurking.

I have no idea where we'll end up with Husband's next promotion, I don't know if we'd prefer a city or a suburb or the country.

All I know is I freaking love Astoria, but I'd really like a gosh dang Walmart.

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