Friday, August 3, 2012

S(uck) At Home Mom

I swear sometimes I think that's what I should be called.  My husband works incredibly hard for our family and for me to be able to stay home with our daughter.  He works long hours, at least 45-50 a week, plus logs extra hours even when he's home with us.  He never complains, even when he's stressed and having a bad day. 

I never really thought I would be a stay at home mom.  I mean, I kind of always had that dream, but didn't think it would ever be a reality, so I never took the time to focus on exactly what being a stay at home mom entails.

I'm wondering if any of you might have some input, because I could really use some advice! 

What do you think makes a good SAHM?

I feel like I have to do it all! All the childcare, including all over nights and feedings. Then there's cooking, keeping a very clean house, laundry, ironing, shopping, managing schedules and appointments, paying bills.

Then there's the wifely "duties" where I am totally slacking. I want to work out and look good for my husband and make sure his needs are met. He deserves that, I think.

Here's the thing, I really think its just an organization/time management issue on my part. I really think it can be done.

At least better than it is being done.

So let's consider this the great SAHM experiment.

I need your help! Please share your best tips. How do you manage your household? Help me, please!


  1. First, breathe and give yourself a break. Spend quality time with your child and husband above all. Save some money for a 2x/mo cleaning service and a babysitter once or twice per week for a break. Think of it this way - you have to leave your "workplace" - aka your house - in order to get away from work. You have to fill your cup so that you can give out the love and attention you want to give. Take care of yourself and treat yourself like a treasured friend. Stop listening to that voice that tells you "you should do x if you are a good SAHM." You are doing your best! You rock!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so sweet! I totally needed to hear exactly that. Thank you!


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