Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 11...and Day 1

Day 11's challenge is perfect for me, yet again. See, when I was in NJ, I got an awesome new-to-me jogging stroller. It's a Baby Jogger Q Series and it's a beast!

If you think back to a far away time, eleven whole days ago my one month goal was to start a Couch 2 5k program.

And I did that today! I dressed Bree up in a pink super girl outfit, loaded her into the stroller and left before I could talk myself out of it.

I'm considering it a success! Not only did I finish, but I did so without anyone stopping me to ask if I needed an ambulance or coming home to reports of seismic activity. Woot!

Super Girl had fun too. We stopped at my favorite park on the way home to relax and cool off. She had fun one armed spasming waving at all the kids. Love her!

I've still got to burn about 200 more calories to complete the challenge, but I'm confident I for got it.

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