Thursday, August 9, 2012

The key to a man's heart.

Bree and I are headed to NJ for the weekend, and I wanted to be sure that my husband didn't starve while we're gone.  The man is actually a really good cook, even better than I am, but he forgets to eat. No idea how a person does that, but he can eat on a Tuesday and on Friday be all "Did I eat anything yesterday?" and I'm like "Uh, the last thing you ate was the talapia on Tuesday."

Meanwhile, if it's been more than 3 hours and 5 minutes, I'm about to tear the head off anyone in my path and the wrapper off everything in sight. 

Yup that's the plan so he doesn't starve.  (And my goal list!)

We've got a baggie for each day with his quiche cups, and veggies for snacks.  There's also a container of cottage cheese, and a huge bowl of salad. 

For dinner 2 of the nights I made Buffalo Turkey and quinoa.  You wrap the ground turkey in boston lettuce leafs, and put them in your mouth and chew. 

Oh, I don't need to be so specific?  You should have told me before this:

I might be getting good at this whole "taking care of my family' thing, after all!

P.S. I managed to do all 100 push ups!

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